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Our Story

In 2020 we introduced the one of the most innovative OSM systems New Zealand has ever seen the “Grappler “modular balcony system.

With the growing need for housing and the allure of apartment living continuing to gain momentum, scaling up the construction processes and delivery, developers and their build partners struggle to meet demand and keep costs low.

Features & Benefits

Grappler balconies are a lightweight aluminium modular system that significantly reduces the weight, structural load, saves time and budget without compromising style, sophistication, and strength. One supplier for all balcony works, with a single warranty.

  • One supplier for all balcony works, with a single warranty
  • Greater financial accuracy with project cost budgets
  • Reduced scaffold duration, build complexity, and construction program around the balconies
  • Average of 15 Balconies can be installed and completed in a working day
  • Constructed from 100% recyclable and non-combustible materials
  • Added thermal breaks (optional) can further increased envelope thermal ratings
  • With minimal façade penetrations, de risk potential leak issues
  • No quality and defect delays, OSM balconies QA inspected during manufacturing and post installation.

What out clients say

Grappler is an innovative and dynamic team that integrates seamlessly with the design, development, and construction disciplines. They always find a neat solution that makes our job easier in designing energy-efficient buildings.

Bernard Farrington

– Oculus Architectural Engineering


Our DFMA Process

It all starts with a need

Project manager wants a better solution than the one that has always been used in the past causing difficulties during and post construction.

Contractor needs a faster less costly and more buildable solution.

Architect requires a system with a better environmental impact and more support around providing expert detail and design guidance for the best project outcomes.

We provide free consultancy around design, implementation, and project management to all key AEC professionals and their clients in the early planning phases through to 30% developed design.

This can include by but limited too

  • Early concept design parameters based on concept drawing
  • Full parametric Revit models for design concept evaluation
  • Engineering loads for connection system
  • Coordination with consulting teams across Architecture, Engineering, structural & Fire
  • budget costings for main contractor QS and construction program management

Post resource consent engagement – Developed design to building consent

  • Design contract services fee
  • Project specific Revit or IFC models for BIM360 integration into project model
  • Custom Specification clauses
  • PS1 Engineering certs

Post Tender, Construction ECI or Design Build procurement

  • Fixed priced contract
  • Project management manufacturing to Installation
  • Shop Drawings
  • Offsite manufacturing & QA, assembly & QA, storage
  • Transport to site and installation & QA


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